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Look forward to 6 new attractions in 2019

phenomena magnetisme
Have you a gift for magnetism?
film studio universe
Become an actor for a day.
phenomena symmetri
How many shapes can you find?
slow motion Universe
See yourself in slow motion
Increase salt water energy
Bullet time Universe
Discover our cool matrix effects
mysteriet om den usete verden
Join us on a journey to our unseen world.
phenomena vortex
Could you make a tornado?
BubbleLab Universe
Soap bubbles where only your imagination is the limit.
5d biograf Universe
Experience the 1971 moon landing up close.
stop motion universe
Direct your own cool movie
phenomena illosioner
See some amazing illusions
Beat Saber
Get a move on and cut loose
Ready for a rush in your belly and wind in your hair
sky universe
sky universe
sky universe

sky universe