The Danfoss Museum

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Explore a historical industrial adventure

From the company's early beginnings to its current stage, come and experience the exciting and digital history behind Danfoss and its founder, Mads Clausen. As if traveling back in time, you can walk through the old rooms and even see Mads Clausen's first office on the attic. Our Danfoss Museum holds both real objects and an audio-visual digital exhibit.

You'll get more than just history hidden behind glass displays, it's an almost living Danfoss Museum. For you, it means a modern and unique insight into Danfoss. How did the industrial adventure of Danfoss start? Get the answer with a visit for the whole family! We look forward to welcoming you to Mads Clausen's universe.

Test your knowledge and experience a lively story

Are you born designers? And how well do you know the history of Danfoss? In a small cinema, you can hear and see Bitten Clausen talk about her first meeting with Mads Clausen, as well as test your knowledge of Danfoss on the first floor. Check out our digital world map on the wall, it shows how Danfoss has gone from a Danish to a global company. Are you ready for the test?

The Danfoss Museum is located in Mads Clausen's childhood home, where his interest in technology has come to life. Did you know, for example, that Mads Clausen tested the first ever expansion valve in a bucket of water on the attic? With an upgraded design, you'll have fun and interactive learning and a sense of the innovative spirit that Mads Clausen is famous for.

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Maybe one of you will want to continue with science or maybe you'll come up with your own inventions? Be motivated and inspired at the museum while absorbing knowledge about the industrial adventure. In the dining room, you can see the table where Mads Clausen told the family about his ideas. A picture says more than a thousand words, and with virtual photos in the table you will have a unique experience.

Step into the footsteps of history in the interactive museum. The modern Danfoss Museum will give you a feeling of becoming an active part of history. Experience our modern storytelling that will definitely awaken your curiosity.