Beat the Storm

Værd at vide

  • For the teens
  • Activities
  • Indoor
  • Min. height required is 120 cm
  • Beat the Storm is not recommended for guests with epilepsy, a weak heart, back problems, suffering from an injury or who are pregnant.
  • Our guides may refuse entry to Beat the Storm at any time if the safety procedure is not followed.
  • You can try level 2 if you are over 135cm.

Try your strength against the storm

Now you can have a stormy experience in the new Beat the Storm, where you can try your hand at a real hurricane simulator. You have to try to move against a hurricane-strength wind resistance of up to 32.7 m/s. You can battle against each other as a family and see who presses the stop button first as you move down the four lanes or try to improve your own result. You can try out this cool challenge with several levels of wind strength.
You can find Beat the Storm in the new Air Zone area, where those curious about some of nature’s great forces can learn more about wind. What is air and wind and how does it affect us personally? Can we make air move? How can we change our shape to reduce wind resistance when we go out in a storm or hurricane? You will be able to see the air and feel it. You can learn more about why it blows all over the world and where the wind comes from! Discover how we use wind to make energy, and find out what aerodynamics mean in our everyday lives.