Virtual Coaster

Ready for a rush in your belly and wind in your hair?

We've got our first roller coaster ride right here at Universe. 

With our Virtual Coaster, you get to build precisely the kind of VR roller coaster you want. You and your finger actually design the track. You completely decide for yourself how long and wild it should be. You can experience the whole ride with the rest of your family since there's space for a total of 4 people.

Don't miss this amazing experience in which you are really put to the test.

Værd at vide

  • For the teens
  • Activities
  • Indoor
  • Min. height required is 110 cm
  • Maksimalt tilladt højde er 197 cm
  • Maksimalt tilladt vægt er 100 kg
  • If you suffer from epilepsy, you are not allowed to take part in VR experiences.
  • We strongly advise against using our VR experiences while pregnant or if you have a pacemaker.
  • You can experience cybersickness by using VR experiences.
  • Our guides can refuse access to our VR experiences at any time if the safety procedures are not being complied with.
  • Keep an eye on the calendar, because our VR experiences have reduced opening hours on weekdays outside of school holidays.