Værd at vide

  • For the teens
  • Activities
  • Outdoors
  • Min. height required is 135 cm
  • Maksimalt tilladt vægt er 117 kg
  • Recommended weight min. 45kg,
  • We do not recommend the course for children under 10 and pregnant women.
  • Everyone should wear a helmet and elbow pads.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, the segway will be closed.
  • Guides may at any time refuse you to ride the segway if they deem that the safety procedures are not being complied with.
  • Please note that Segway & nbsp; has limited business hours on weekdays outside of school holidays.

Segway – you are in charge!

Do you like fast speeds, relaxed drives or more fluid movements? On the segway course, you can decide for yourself. Here you can test your strength using your balance without wearing out your shoes. Over hills and round slalom-like bends and curves on the challenging and winding course.

Lean forwards and you will move forwards, lean backwards and you will move backwards. Your body balance controls the speed and steers for the high-tech segway – and even makes it brake. A short introduction, then you are ready to roll.