Water Zone

Let the water go!

The water goes with a bang in our hydraulic high-pressure pistols. Fill the water tanks, pump in the air, press the handle and see what happens! 

The water is heavy, the pumps are different and how do they work? Most of the fresh water in the world is located underground or in rivers and lakes so we need to pump it up, out and round to be able to use it.

In Water Zone you can use your strength on lots of different pumps. Some you can use on your own – others you will need help with.

Archimedes Screw - Lift the water alone or together with others

Tense your muscles, turn the large wheel and see if you can pump the water up with the large screw.

The Archimedes screw was invented approximately 2200 years ago by the Greek mathematician Archimedes and is still used in many places across the globe.

Now it’s your turn – take on this task as a team of two, three or four.

Mill wheel

In the old days, people used water mills to grind grain and to run sawmills. The wheel is driven by a stream of water from below. This force or energy can be transferred to a machine that can perform work for us.

You can move the paddles around in the water to move and lead the water wherever you like.

Chain pump - Pump water like a sailor

The chain pump is a very simple pump. Until 1900 it was used to bail out water from wooden ships when the water level inside the hull became too high.

Pull and you will see. The pump is driven by a chain – and the chain is driven by...you!


Centrifugal pump - Can you fill the sack with water?

Turn the wheel fast (like in a carrousel).

This presses the water in the container outwards and up the sides, until it runs over and fills the sack.

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