Test Lab

Who's best....

At the fantastic Test Lab you will have plenty of opportunities to compete against one another in a number of exciting activities for all ages. In the two different zones, you will have the chance to challenge your physique, your motor functions and your brain. There will be lots of fun and laughter as you learn about yourself and each other. You will also have an opportunity to compete at the same time as there are two of each experience. 

Brain Lab

The BrainLab is all about getting your brain moving. In the mind-bending concentration game you will see different numbers and each time a new number appears you need to be lightning fast to push the button, unless it is a specific number. You will need to keep your wits about you as the numbers are shown only briefly. You can also take the opposite approach and challenge one another in the slow brain race, which is all about complete relaxation. The more you relax, the faster the car will move and you don't want to fall behind...

Active Lab

In the Active Lab you will have the opportunity to burn some energy and compete in a range of physical challenges. Here, among other things, you can run in the hamster wheel to see which of you is fastest. You can also compete to see who gets through the challenging laser course the quickest without touching the laser beams and much, much more besides.

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