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Can you master the art of soap bubbles in bubbleLab?

Would you like to experiment with giant soap bubbles? In bubbleLab at Universe, you can explore the world of soap bubbles and make bubbles of all sizes and shapes. It's a fun activity and game for the whole family where you can practice becoming the best at making soap bubbles!

For example, be surrounded by a giant soap bubble as you try out your artistic skills in bubbleLab. Or how about a competition to make the most beautiful soap bubble? Both adults and children can have a laugh and learn about the science behind these fascinating bubbles. Your imagination is the only limit! Come join the bubble fun in bubbleLab.

How to have fun in bubbleLab

The beautiful soap bubbles both fascinate and are fun. The bubbles are also entertaining to watch, so even if one of you isn't into soap bubbles, you can still take everyone along. Try making bubbles with your hands - no tools needed. Sit down and enjoy the view while your family, friends, or other guests take on the challenging but educational game. You can:

Have a competition for the smallest soap bubble Put mom and dad in a big soap bubble Practice different shapes with your hands Have a lot of laughs when making a storm of soap bubbles With the right technique make foam sausages.


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Visit bubbleLab and other experiences in Universe.

Why are soap bubbles round and why can we see ourselves reflected in them? The wonderful soap bubbles are a paradise for those who love combining science and educational games. You can even touch a soap bubble with wet hands, but be careful! They are fragile to curious fingers that want to poke the bubbles. When you leave bubbleLab, you'll be filled with soap and new memories.