The 4 gardens

Bittens Garden - A lush univers

Magical atmosphere and an abundance of summer flowers. From the moment you pass a walkway of roses, you can sense the special atmosphere in Bitten's Garden. Here, there is a lush universe of flowers in rainbow colors, green trees, flavorful herbs, and sweet berries. As a special treat, you can taste, smell, and pick from the apple and cherry trees in Bitten's Garden. A perfect destination for those who want to spend a unique full-day trip among educational play and garden pleasure.

Do you love nature, peace, and lovely walks? Come by Bitten's Garden when it is in full bloom and enjoy a garden with relaxed charm. It gives you inner peace and a beautiful detachment from the many activities and experiences in Universe.

Taste, smell, and pick in Bitten's Garden

In Bitten's Garden, we take you 100 years back in time when ornamental gardens looked quite different. Walk through gravel paths, boxwood hedges, and flower beds. In Bitten's Garden, you can be inspired for your own garden and get your curiosity sparked. It exudes history and passion for plants, trees, and flowers. Bitten's Garden has something for everyone.

Your eyes fall everywhere on the flower bed planted in shades that highlight each other. Occasionally, you'll also come across beautiful vegetables like pink rhubarb and herbs among the flowers in the beds. Take seeds from the plants home with you and pick the sweet fruit from the Alsatian apple and cherry trees. The hundreds of colors create a magical atmosphere in Bitten's Garden that gives you a memorable experience.

Explore also our weather garden. A different garden with thunderstorms, raindrops and much more.

Experience new varieties and surprises every year

Bitten's Garden is laid out by Universe Park's skilled gardeners after expert guidance from Bitten Clausen, who also contributed seeds from her own garden. Have you seen the garden before? Don't worry. Every year we introduce new varieties of summer flowers throughout the park. It could be for example, summer asters, morning glories, and saucer flowers. Did you know that the latter taste like horseradish? Try taking a bite!

The constant development of Bitten's Garden means that every year you can look forward to new surprises and beautiful plants. Take your family or gardening enthusiasts with you to a charming garden that you can enjoy all summer and well into the fall.



Chinese Garden - Explore the Chinese Garden

Would you like to enjoy peace and a beautiful garden? After a day of stunning natural forces and impressive shows, a quiet moment can be appreciated. Universe is an amusement park with activities and attractions, but you can also find beautiful outdoor gardens that you can explore.

The Chinese Garden is full of wildlife, harmony, and lovely details when the garden is in full bloom. Go up to the beautiful red pavilion and sit in authentic garden inspired by Bitten Clausen's own garden. The garden gives you time and peace to enjoy time with your family. If you come at the right time of the month, your eyes will meet a lush universe of flowers and trees. Enjoy the tranquility with your family and the beautiful surroundings in the Chinese Garden.

Get up close to nature in a romantic garden

When it comes to the park's facilities, you will get flower experiences of a special class. Winding paths, chirping bird ponds, and birds. In our Chinese garden, there are beautifully decorated details that make you feel like you're on the other side of the world. It gives you an aesthetic and expressive garden that highlights the beauty of nature. You will be happy to visit the Chinese Garden if you:

Like beautiful decorations and peacefulness Looking for inspiration to decorate your own beautiful garden Want to enjoy beautiful flowers and trees

The red pavilion and the rest of the Chinese Garden are inspired by the late Bitten Clausen's own garden. She was the widow of the founder of Danfoss. The Chinese Garden is inspired by Bitten's Garden, established as part of her 100th birthday. For you, it means a Chinese garden that you can relax in and explore. Afterwards, you'll be recharged for more fun experiences at Universe.


Let the family smell, taste, and pick in Universe's gardens

100 years ago, gardens were often adorned with gravel paths, hedges, long rows of flowers, and old bricks. This can also be seen clearly in the Chinese Garden and Bitten's Garden. Here you can find everything you can think of about a beautiful garden:

A sea of summer flowers and cherry and apple trees Unique and nostalgic atmosphere with small cozy corners Edible herbs, sweet berries, and crisp vegetables

Take the seeds from the plants home with you or pick the fruit from the Alsatian apple and cherry trees. With a visit to the Chinese Garden and the rest of the garden, you will have an experience for the whole family. Look forward to colorful flowers and time for peace and intimacy.


The Flower Garden - Discover our prize-winning garden

One of the two award-winning gardens in the park can be found in the large garden/play area in front of the Ball Factory.

The Flowering Garden focuses on the welfare of animals and humankind alike; besides being an enchanting and lovely place to sit in, it's a haven for wildlife and insects. The garden has been laid out in a way that encourages nature to thrive. Hunt out various insect species, or just enjoy a quiet moment in the heart of their habitat.

Designed by Lise Bollhorn, this project won the bronze medal at CPH Garden 2017.


Weather Garden - Experience a different garden

The weather garden has trees and bushes that represent the weather. The garden has thunder clouds, raindrops and much more.

A lightning bolt has split one of the biggest trees and the gardeners have planted arrow shaped trees that are growing so big that their crowns will join together over time.

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