Blue Cube

Værd at vide

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See wild natural forces up close

Have you dreamt of experiencing beautiful glaciers and volcanoes? Let your dreams become reality as the entire family experience astonishing natural phenomena up close. In the Blue Cube you can move from one fascinating world of natural phenomena to the next. Like a proper adventurer you will be able to watch a geyser erupting 18 metres into the air or get an adrenaline kick when thunder and lightning power through the air.

In other words, you will have plenty of WOW moments while learning about natural science. All while having fun as a family. Anything could happen in the Blue Cube. You and your family will have the opportunity to test your senses, your boundaries and your curiosity. We look forward to seeing you for some astonishing experiences in the Blue Cube.

Walk through an ice tunnel and feel like an explorer. Here you will come across an iceberg from which a piece has broken off while you sail around the freezing sea in a submarine. Try placing your hands on the wall - but be careful! It is extremely cold!

As the expedition continues, you will be amazed at the views when the entire family looks straight down into an artificial geyser. 18 metre high jets of water are sent directly towards the ceiling here. The vibrant experiences provide magnificent and thought-provoking views for old and young alike. It's just as though you were actually in the mystical wilderness of Iceland. You can be sure of excitement and entertainment for the entire family.


Volcanoes and Thor's Hammer

From biting cold to flowing lava. Breathe in an air of burning and ash that will tickle your nostrils. Volcanoes can spit out lava when they erupt and can reach a temperature of 1,500°C. Don't worry. The volcano in the Blue Cube is not real. However, you will be able to experience the magic of nature up close. As you return home you will take with you some spectacular and educational memories.

Are you a true daredevil? Feel like the Norse God Thor when the air crackles, blitzes and thunders around you. Here you will experience an incredible and dramatic natural phenomenon up close. A Tesla coil is used to send thunder and lightning through the air so that you can feel like you are standing in the midst of extremely stormy weather. You will have no problems making the time pass in these vibrant experiences.

Overall, the beautiful Blue Cube will provide the entire family with fascinating and breath-taking memories. Go explore now!