Fire and rescue

Discover everyday heroes up close

Hold on to your hat and glasses on June 10, when fire and rescue squads will swing by Universe. It will be a totally explosive experience that you won't want to miss. There will be plenty of action and excitement as everyday heroes drop by and share their exciting knowledge and experience. 

Among other things, you can meet ambulance, police and fire truck crews from local towns, who will definitely be up for a selfie and showing you their equipment.

Motor Mille will also be there to put on a fantastic show. Sønderborg Airport will also join us, giving you a great opportunity to see the flying heroes in action.

In addition, Sønderborg Youth Fire Department will also be there to share their knowledge and experience of fire and rescue. The truck caravan will bring Magda, who will entertain both young and old with two exciting shows.

For the children, there will be plenty of activities all day long. The Emergency Management Agency will pop by and hand out coloring books that the children can take home with them, and there will of course be plenty of opportunities to take pictures with the fire trucks, ambulance and police.

So, come and join us for a fantastic day with lots of entertainment, learning and experiences for the whole family at the Fire and Rescue Event at Universe on June 10. 


Show program:

Motor Mille show kl. 11.00

Magda Lastbilkaravanen kl. 12.30

Magda Lastbilkaravanen kl. 14.00



Motor Mille

FTD/Lastbilkaravanen + Magda

Havnbjerg Brandværn

Egen Brandværn


Sønderborg Ungdomsbrandværn


Ambulance Syd


Svenstrup frivillige brandværn

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