Yes, our main aim is to amaze children and young people with natural sciences, technology and entrepreneurship-related matters.
Dogs are very welcome at Universe – as long as they are kept on a short lead. We advise dog owners to retain sight of their dogs at all times and only tie them up in the designated dog spaces. Dog poo bags are provided at the entrance. Please use them. Dogs are not allowed in buildings or attractions.
Universe is a park with an equal spread of indoor and outdoor activities. It is wise to dress according to the weather.
Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that there will be no queue at the entrance or for the attractions. In high season, there are often fewer people on Saturdays as this is the changeover day in the rented holiday homes. If you are coming as a group, it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance. This speeds things up when you are here.

We do not offer two-day tickets. You have the option to purchase a season pass with cool season pass benefits here: And you save kr. 50,- by purchasing the season pass online.

We have a wheelchair that can be borrowed for a cost of 50,- kr. If you need a wheelchair for the visit, please ring our booking line to find out more about your options. Disabled guests pay the same as other guests at Universe but can, upon presentation of a valid DSB companion card, a child companion card, a DH companion card or a membership card from the Danish Blind Society, bring a companion over the age of 18 free of charge. This also applies for official companion cards issued outside Denmark. Universe is designed with disability in mind, and it is easy to get around almost everywhere in the park and the exhibition houses.
You need to be at least 135 cm tall and we recommend that you are at least 10 years old. The weight limit is 117 kg. These rules are there for safety reasons. A segway requires both coordination and balance as well as a certain amount of weight to steer.
All the permanent attractions and science shows are free. Workshops and guided tours may cost extra.

Accommodation can be found in both Nordborg and Sønderborg. Follow the link below to read more about the family package that includes accommodation and tickets to Universe as well as our other partners that offer accommodation, for example.

There are smoking zones in the park, but the rest of the park is non-smoking. Universe equates e-cigarettes with regular cigarettes.
Yes, you can enjoy your picnic in our picnic areas. We have outdoor picnic areas and a glass dome where you can enjoy your food under shelter.

You may drink beer and wine in the park. Drunken guests will not be tolerated.

Yes, but remember your ticket and to get a stamp on your hand so you can get back into the park.
At Universe, you can rent a cart for DKK 50. There are a limited number available.


There are no special magnetic fields in the park. The magnetic fields in Universe are equivalent to those in the public space. However, we advise our guests with pacemakers not to visit our Tesla coil in the lightning room on the 2nd floor of the Blue Cube. We also advise against using our virtual reality equipment as it may cause unnecessary shock.

We have over 200 activities in the park, so we recommend at least five hours.

For safety reasons, scooters, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards and the like are prohibited at Universe. If you need a form of transport due to a disability, please contact Universe before your visit on info@universe.dk

If there are age limits on the attractions, these can be found at the individual attractions.
Guests with a disability pay an entrance fee on equal terms with other Universe guests and can take a companion/assistant over age 18 with them, free of charge, upon presentation of a valid companion card from the Danish State Railways (DSB), a child companion card, a companion card from Disabled Peoples Organizations Denmark or a membership card from the Danish Association of the Blind. The same applies to official foreign-issued disabled companion cards. Universe is handicapped accessible and therefore it is easy to move about almost everywhere in both the park and exhibit buildings.

Grilling is not allowed.