Influencers in Universe

At Universe Science Park we work with many different types of influencers.

Do you have a great YouTube channel, engaging blog or Facebook/Instagram profile with a significant number of readers/followers?

If you are able to write pertinent, inspiring content about Universe for your followers, we may be interested in working with you.

People contact us all the time. It's important therefore that you send us an email and that it contains the following information:


  • How long have you been an influencer?
  • How many visitors/followers/subscribers/fans do you have?
  • What is the main focus and topic of your channel?
  • Your name, age and locality, and the ages of your children (if you have any).
  • Information about your channel (remember the link)


Send your email to Anita Balslev We will then evaluate the potential for partnership with Universe. We can't guarantee a partnership with everyone who contacts us – we receive many offers.

But we can promise to consider the idea. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your content.