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1. Single day ticket

Tickets must be carried at the date of visit in Universe.

Tickets may be carried in digital format (e.g. on your mobile phone), if the barcode on the tickets can be displayed.

If the tickets are printed on paper, the ticket must be printed on standard white A4 printing paper.
Only tickets in one piece are accepted as valid.
Tickets are valid for admission at Universe in the period printed on the ticket.

The barcode on the ticket must be brought on the day of the visit and scanned immediately upon arrival at the entry turnstiles. Tickets are issued with a unique bar code and can only be used for one entry by one person. A ticket is a voucher issued to the bearer.

Tickets, that are valid for a preset date, are non-refundable.
The buyer renounces the right stated in the Law of consumer agreements § 18.2, 12 to return the tickets within 14 days of purchase.

Tickets, that are not valid for a preset date, may be refunded, if they have not been used as admission.
The buyer may return the tickets within 14 days of purchase, provided that the tickets have not already been used as admission.

Universe cannot be held responsible for any misuse of tickets, e.g. if more than one ticket has been printed for a given unique bar code, if the bar code is not issued by Universe or if the tickets have been used by a person other than the intended.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult/legal guardian.

Universe retains the right to confiscate tickets without warning, if the ticket holder has acted fraudulently or improperly towards Universe, or has displayed unacceptable behaviour towards other guests, employees or inventory at Universe, or has not complied with Universe’s current rules or requests from employees at any time at Universe. In this case tickets are not reimbursed.

Unplanned breakdowns of individual attractions, shows or activities during a visit do not warrant compensation.

When buying discounted tickets and tickets via company agreements the guest must show valid identification or documentation that gives the right to the price in question.

2. Season passes

When buying season passes via the internet the customer has 14 days right to annulment from the day of purchase, if the season pass has not yet been used. The season pass holder can use this right to annul by sending a letter or an e-mail to Universe. Upon receiving the annulment Universe immediately deactivates the pass. The pass cannot be reinstated.

When purchasing season passes the following conditions are accepted. Therefore please read the conditions thoroughly before purchasing the season pass.

A season pass grants admission to Universe within normal opening hours. These will always be available at

A season pass is strictly personal and only issued on personal attendance by the season pass holder in Universe. The season pass may only be used by the season pass holder. The season pass holder bears the responsibility of securing that the season pass is not used illegally. If the season pass is used by someone other than the season pass holder the season pass will be confiscated. The season pass will not be returned or reinstated after confiscation, and the payment for the season pass membership are not reimbursed partially or fully.

If the season pass holder has bought the season pass over the Internet it is the season pass holder’s responsibility to exchange the print-at-home season pass into a plastic season pass at the first visit at Universe. When issuing a plastic season pass, a photo of the season pass holder is taken and printed on the plastic season pass. print-at-home season passes that are not exchanged into a plastic season pass after the first visit at Universe do not grant further admission to Universe and cannot be reimbursed or transferred to following years.

If the season pass holder loses his/her season pass Universe should be informed immediately. Thereafter, the season pass is voided and a new one can be issued for an administration fee of DKK 25,-. If the season pass is used by another person, without it being voided, it is considered illegal use, and the season pass will be confiscated. Confiscated season passes are not refunded or returned.

Universe retains the right to confiscate any season pass without warning, if the season pass holder has acted fraudulently or improperly towards Universe, or has displayed unacceptable behaviour towards other guests, employees or inventory at Universe, or has not complied with Universe’s current rules or requests from employees at any time at Universe.

The season pass membership is binding and cannot be terminated or refunded during the period of validity.

Information you give when purchasing season passes is kept confidential and is not forwarded to any other company or organization.

3. Gift certificate

Gift certificates can be purchased for specific services and may only be redeemed for the service specified on the gift certificate. Gift certificates are only valid for the period specified on the certificate. The right to redemption then expires without further notice. Gift certificates cannot be combined with other promotional campaigns and offers in connection with their redemption. A gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash, and gift certificates that are not redeemed cannot be refunded.
A special right of withdrawal applies to the purchase of gift certificates for 14 days from the date of purchase, on the condition that the gift certificate has not been redeemed.

4. Privacy policy

Universe collects, stores and processes personal information, including name, address, photo, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and the date of birth of season pass holders. Generic statistics are issued on the basis of this information.

Besides the above,  Universe registers information about single day tickets, experience tickets, events and season pass usage at the park, including the number of visits.

The information is used to improve the product that Universe offers the season pass holders and guests in the park in general.

When using a season pass for the first time Universe registers a biometric print of the season pass holder’s right index finger. This biometric print ensures that the season pass cannot be used illegally. Season pass holders that do not wish to have their biometric print registered are required to show picture identification at the entrance to Universe and are thereby not given direct access to the park via the entrance turnstiles.  Universe puts great effort in handling all personal information confidentially.

5. Payment and prices

You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Maestro.
You can pay with Danish Mobile Pay.

There are no risks linked to this kind of payment since it takes place via a safe and encrypted (SSL) connection.
We do not charge any fees for credit card payments.

All transactions are carried out in Danish currency (DKK) and include 25% VAT.

6. Complaints and questions

In case of questions or complaints please first direct all communication directly to us:

Universe Science Park
Mads Patent Vej 1
6430 Nordborg
Phone: +45 88 81 95 00

If you still wish to complain about a service or an item purchased from us, you’re able to file a complaint to:

Center for klageløsning i konkurrence og forbrugerstyrelsen
Carl Jacobsens vej 35
2500 Valby
You can start a complaint here: (in Danish only).

The EU – commission’s online complaint portal can also be used when filing a complaint.
This is of particular relevance if you are a consumer residing in another EU country.
You can file your complains to

When filing a complaint, enter our email address as:


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