Look forward to 12 new attractions in 2017

Fulldome Universe
Go into outer space with our new 360 Full Dome
Treasure hunt universe app
Go on a treasure hunt in the park with your phone
Vesper Peak vr Universe
Walk round the summit of the Vesper Peak mountain
Google Tilt Brush Universe
Develop your artistic abilities with the Google Tilt Brush
watermark universe
Write your name in water
Race Room universe
Take pole position and put the pedal to the floor!
Sky Trail Universe
Do you dare climb up to the clouds?
The Chinese garden universe
Welcome to our Chinese garden inspired by Bitten
Electric cars Universe
Take your first drive in our electric cars
Walk the plank Universe
Do you dare to walk the plank?
blå kube vr Universe
Stand on the top of our Blue Cube and enjoy the surroundings
Water guns universe
Use your coins to shoot with water
5d biograf Universe
Head into the world of the dinosaurs with Bob
Fire bubbles universe
Use the app to fire bubbles
Minecraft Universe
See who can create and build the most