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VR Bumper Cars


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Are you into speed and excitement? Then there's no doubt that the new VR Bumper Cars are just the thing for you!

In 2021, we offer another great virtual reality experience - VR Bumper Cars!

You're probably already familiar with the classic and super cool bumper cars with several cars on a track that run into each other.

We take this experience to a whole new level with the help of the latest technology by adding VR glasses that mixes the real world with the virtual.

You'll still be sitting in a bumper car and driving on a track with other racing enthusiasts where you have the opportunity to physically drive into each other. But with the VR glasses on, you'll have a whole new and totally unusual experience.

Invite the family along and practise your driving skills. You can choose to drive alone or with two in the car.

Keep an eye on the calendar, because our VR Bumper Cars have reduced opening hours on weekdays outside of school holidays.


Before you try VR Bumper Cars:

Our guides can refuse access to our VR Bumper Cars at any time if the safety procedures are not being complied with. This includes:


If you suffer from epilepsy, you are not allowed to take part in VR experiences

You can experience cybersickness by using VR experiences

We strongly advise against using our VR experiences while pregnant

We also advise guests with pacemakers against trying VR experiences, as they can provoke a shock reaction.


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