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Ball Factory


For the whole family





Be challenged as you progress through the factory

Here you can experience a unique mix of action and intelligent challenges for all ages.
For the large Ball Factory we've created a large indoor area of over 500 m2 filled with over 10,000 balls where you and your family can play, explore and compete through mechanical and digital experiences. For instance, you can challenge the robot to see who can grab the most balls or put together a system that the balls can run through.

Central Ball Station - Manoeuvre balls in the machine

At this engrossing station, you can witness, and test for yourself, how modern machinery uses sensors and feelers. Watch the machine sort colours – and compare with your own results from the Modern Factory. Shoot, lift and turn balls in a bowl and watch them trundle down through the pipes. But there are limits to the number of balls the machine can cope with. Do you dare to be close by when the machine reaches capacity?'

Creativity Zone - Gather pieces and build ball runs

The creativity zone provides plenty of exciting and entertaining challenges for the whole family. Together, you can solve fun tasks, such as building your own ball run, or playing with the cool air tubes. Here, you place a ball in the tube and send it through the system. Turn the handle and watch the balls disappear! You can decide the direction the ball goes in ... perhaps you want to send it all the way over to the magnet wall and hit the pipes?

With a little imagination, you can build your own run of giant blocks. Crawl into the mirror wheel and see yourself from all sides!

Throw the balls to hit a screen and watch them explode in a mass of colours.

Modern Factory - Are you better than the machine?

At the Modern Factory, you have ample chance to pit your wits against the latest machinery. See who is best at dropping the ball at exactly the right moment, or have fun sorting balls by colour as they come hurtling through the system. You will earn points for your ability to control what happens.

Compete with each other to see if you can catch balls as they fall towards you randomly, or see if you can keep the pressure in the machine so that it doesn't explode... by no means as easy as it looks!

Mysterious Forces - Have that Eureka moment!

You won't believe what happens at these five stations. One station allows you to lift a heavy block by blowing on it. If you have enough power, you can use air to move the balls through all the holes, and not lose them once.... but this is not so easy as it sounds. It takes cooperation. 

Production Zone - Throw, raise and shoot

Put on a helmet and fill the wheelbarrow with balls. When the wheelbarrow is full, off you set to experiment according to your own ideas.

Try the great Archimedes screw: watch as the ball travels upwards! You can also shoot canons from the top and see who has the best aim when it comes to sending balls through the hole in the disk; or use the handy cranes to hoist up your load.

Just keep an eye on the shovel, which at times can tip out the balls all over the floor. Scoop up the balls in the bucket and turn the handle – if you are fast enough, the balls will be flung out over the edge...



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