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Universe after dark


14 Oct 2022 - 23 Oct 2022


18:00 - 21:30

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An enchanting journey

Join us on an enchanting journey in a universe filled with beautiful lights and sounds after closing time, when we'll open the doors to the Universe After Dark Light Festival for the first time.
You'll illuminated paths all the way around the park on a specially selected route.
Buildings and trees will be covered in colorful lights in different colors and there will be sensory experiences that allow your imagination to wander and your creativity to blossom.

Immersion, enthusiasm and learning

You can learn more about what light is, what it can do and how it can provide fantastic "aha" experiences. The different spots have a playful approach that is also educational.
In addition to a magical walk in the park, you will also be able to enjoy a delicious snack, for example, illuminated rainbow cotton candy, magic water glasses, etc.

Good to know:
  • You must select both the date and the desired arrival time.
  • The walk lasts approx. 1 hour.
  • There will be dining areas where food and drink can be purchased.
  • The park’s attractions/buildings and ordinary dining facilities will be closed.
  • The ticket cannot be upgraded to a season pass.
  • Keep an eye on the notification signs in the park.
  • Light effects can affect light-sensitive guests.
  • There may be dark, uneven and hilly terrain along the way.
  • As a season pass holder, you can of course experience Universe After Dark free of charge, but your plastic season pass does not work in the entry turnstile when you arrive in the evening.
  • You must book a special “Universe After Dark” ticket online to access the park after closing time. Both the arrival date and arrival time must be selected when booking. Only one “Universe After Dark” ticket may be booked per season pass holder and you must be logged in to your account to get the ticket free of charge. You have to book your ticket online and it will only be possible to use your season pass for one Universe After Dark visit.

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See you for a magical evening

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