Phenomena: Symmetry | How many shapes can you find? | Universe
Phenomena: Symmetry

Symmetry - How many shapes can you find?

Play around with conical sections, hyperboloids and polygonal mirrors!

How many different shapes can you invent and identify? You may find out about entirely new possibilities.

Vortex - Could you make a tornado?

You can experiment with a maelstrom in a bottle, with vortices and with a mist tornado.

Learn how these amazing phenomena come about and what causes a vortex.

Magnetism - Have you a gift for magnetism?

You can have fun with magnetic chains, induction spools and magnetic pendulums.

Immerse yourself in the workings of magnetism and learn what underlies the science of magnetic north and south poles.

Illusions - See some amazing illusions

Here, you can investigate spiral rays, stereokinetic discs, the wineglass illusion, rotating discs, the grid illusion and overlapping rings.

All these illusions will astonish you! Unusual patterns dazzle the eyes.

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