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The Blue Cube



At a safe distance from a natural phenomenon

It crackles, roars and sparkles. The lightning strikes and the thunder cracks and sends shock waves of sound through the room. Don’t worry though, there is no danger. The opposite is true: this is a one-time chance to experience the element’s rage close up when our lightning generator shows its impressive might.


Learn about thunder and lightning
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Andre Oplevelser

Weitere Attraktionen

Other Attractions

Puzzling with pebbles universe
Here you can puzzle with pebbles and see if you can solve the two fun games.
Thin always beats thick universe
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Human wave universe
Create your own energy
Geyser Universe
Real geysers can only be found in a few places in the world

Andre Oplevelser

Weitere Attraktionen

Other Attractions

lift a car Universe
Pull, crawl or call for extra help!
Wooden blocks universe
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Mountain climbing universe
How would you look as a mountain climber?
A steady hand Universe
Calm yourself and steady your hand