Find attractions
Minecraft Universe
See who can create and build the most
Weather garden Universe
The garden has thunder clouds, raindrops and much more
Digging machines Universe
Put on your helmet and get digging!
Mirror neurones Universe
Do you mirror yourself on other people?
Geyser Universe
Real geysers can only be found in a few places in the world
5d biograf Universe
Head into the world of the dinosaurs with Bob
The laser field Universe
Dodge the laser beams as a super thief
Dahlia park Universe
Enter the north's largest dahlia garden
Race Room universe
Take pole position and put the pedal to the floor!
Out of body universe
See yourself in the virtual world
BubbleLab Universe
Soap bubbles where only fantasy sets the limits
Walk the plank Universe
Do you dare to walk the plank?
Glacier Universe
Experience the Blue Cube’s freezing cold ice tunnel
Google Tilt Brush Universe
Develop your artistic abilities with the Google Tilt Brush
Volcano Universe
When else do you get the chance to lie in a volcano?
Sky Trail Universe
Do you dare climb up to the clouds?
The upside-down tree Universe
The tree that grows upside down
The Chinese garden universe
Welcome to our Chinese garden inspired by Bitten
Water cannons Universe
Fill the water container, pump in some air and press the handle
EnergyLab universe
In EnergyLab you can play with different forms of energy
blå kube vr Universe
Stand on the top of our Blue Cube and enjoy the surroundings
mads clausen museum Universe
It all started in Mads Clausen’s parents’ attic...
Electric cars Universe
Take your first drive in our electric cars
Archimedes Screw
See whether you can pump the water up with the big screw
lift a car Universe
Pull, crawl or call for extra help!
Trampoline Universe
Can you float on a cloud?
Chain pump Universe
Pump water like a sailor
Rocket workshop
Are you a born rocket designer?
Bitten’s garden Universe
Taste, smell and pick from the trees in Bitten’s garden
lynet Universe
It crackles, sparks and thunders through the room
mindball Universe
Move the ball with your thoughts
Segway Universe
Keep your balance as you zoom around our fun and cool Segway track
A steady hand Universe
Calm yourself and steady your hand
Vesper Peak vr Universe
Walk round the summit of the Vesper Peak mountain