Science Show

Are you ready?

Come and experience an explosive cocktail of bubbling nitrogen, gas and thunder?

In our spectacular and educational science show, the magic of science is experienced up close by children and adults alike.

Important information:
  • The show is in Danish.

Weather garden

Experience a different garden

The weather garden has trees and bushes that represent the weather. The garden has thunder clouds, raindrops and much more.

A lightning bolt has split one of the biggest trees and the gardeners have planted arrow shaped trees that are growing so big that their crowns will join together over time.


Water cannons

Let the water go!

The water goes with a bang in our hydraulic high-pressure pistols. Fill the water tanks, pump in the air, press the handle and see what happens! 

The water is heavy, the pumps are different and how do they work? Most of the fresh water in the world is located underground or in rivers and lakes so we need to pump it up, out and round to be able to use it.

In Waterworks you can use your strength on lots of different pumps. Some you can use on your own – others you will need help with.


Digging machines

Can you manage a big digger?

Dig ditches, level paths, build roads and banks or maybe dig all the way to China! A special motorised digger awaits you at Universe. We have three large diggers available in all seasons.

Play with the diggers and assess your technique. The three vehicles are small versions of Volvo’s large EC25 model. We have called them Nora, Mathilde and Karoline.



Segway – you are in charge!

Do you like fast speeds, relaxed drives or more fluid movements? On the segway course, you can decide for yourself. Here you can test your strength using your balance without wearing out your shoes. Over hills and round slalom-like bends and curves on the challenging and winding course.

Lean forwards and you will move forwards, lean backwards and you will move backwards. Your body balance controls the speed and steers for the high-tech segway – and even makes it brake. A short introduction, then you are ready to roll.  


Rocket workshop

Are you a born rocket designer?

Build a rocket and fire it up the course.

Play rocket designer and see if you can build the best-flying, most attractive rocket. Build you own water rocket and see if you can make it fly the furthest. What do you need to make it fly the furthest? And what about decoration? Can you make the smartest water rocket in Universe? Let’s get started! Get going, think aerodynamic and smart.


The Chinese garden

Enjoy the peace in the beautiful garden

Welcome to our new Chinese garden, inspired by Bitten Clausen’s own garden. Walk up to the beautiful pavilion, sit in the curved furniture and enjoy being with your family. You will even find an authentic champagne basket that was owned by Bitten herself.


Dahlia park

The biggest dahlia garden in the north

Come into the beautiful and colourful flower universe. We bring you the biggest dahlia garden in the north. Bring the tempo down and relax with your picnic or take a walk and enjoy the park’s beautiful and special flowers. 



Which contains the most energy – a litre of oil or a strong cold front?

The answers can be found in the EnergyLab activities at Universe – but it will take both brain and brawn to find them.


Lift A Car

Who can lift a car?

You can! Does that sound crazy? It is. But with the Universe’s giant “Lift a Car” hoist it is possible.

This is because of the principle of levers! Take a rope and lift a car. Pull the rope, climb up or call for help. Your weight is very important for your success as a car lifter. If you can’t lift the car you will need to change your position or get help from your friends or parents. Keep trying. Suddenly the car moves – with nothing more than your strength!




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