360 Fulldome Show

A trip into space

Take a trip into space. In our new Full Dome you can take a fantastic trip and learn about our solar system.

Important information:
  • The movie is in Danish


Robert Robot

The cutest animated robot we know

Have you ever wanted to talk to a robot?

Using the virtual wall in Cumulus, you can feel like you are in an animated film. It is actually you that Robert Robot is talking to.

The Robert Show at Universe combines state-of-the-art technology with creative entertainment and a little education. A show that impresses visitors and creates interest in modern technology.


A steady hand

Have you got a steady hand?

You have a limited time and need to calm yourself and steady your hand if you are not going to touch the wire.




At a safe distance from a natural phenomenon

It crackles, roars and sparkles. The lightning strikes and the thunder cracks and sends shock waves of sound through the room. Don’t worry though, there is no danger. The opposite is true: this is a one-time chance to experience the element’s rage close up when our lightning generator shows its impressive might.




Move the ball with your thoughts

Don’t try too hard; take it calmly and peacefully. Electrodes in the headband measure the alpha and theta waves that you can see on the screens. They are sent to a computer which increases them and sends them over to move the ball. Theta waves occur when you are tired and daydreaming, alpha waves occur when you are calm and relaxed.



Where the Danfoss industry fairy tale began

The Danfoss Museum tells the story of the Danfoss industry fairy tale and the founder of Danfoss Mads Clausen. The exhibition shows the Clausen family from the start of the business to the present day. 

Step back in time and see the old rooms and the Danfoss founder’s first office. In general the exhibition shows the results of the innovation that Mads Clausen is known for.




Go with Bob to Dinosaur Paradise

Come into our fairy tale 5D cinema and head on holiday with Bob to what he thinks is a peaceful paradise. He quickly discovers that this is also home to prehistoric dinosaurs. Experience the magic of the 5D cinema when Professor Lizzie tries to rescue Bob from a T-rex, raptors, flying pterosaurs and many other scary dinosaurs. 

Important information:
  • The film is in Danish.




A fantastic sight

Real geysers are found in very few places in the world, but you get to see one when you look right down into the heart of the Blue Cube: an artificial geyser that shoots its jet of water 18 metres up into the air – just like in Iceland’s mysterious wilderness.


Mirror neurones

Do you mirror yourself on other people?

Have you ever realised that our brain mirrors other people’s movements like we made them ourselves? This gives us an understanding of other people’s behaviour and ideas.

How do you react when a cyclist falls off his bike or others laugh?




Beware of the cold...

The temperature drops and the walls become ice when you go through the ice tunnel and into the glacier that bangs and shakes like a drifting ice sheet.

Put your hands on the wall – but be careful: it is as cold as ice!

Learn about glaciers
Read more about glaciers here >


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