For hele familien

The upside-down tree

Can a tree grow downwards?

The upside-down tree is the gardeners’ experiment: What happens if you plant a tree with the top facing downwards? In China the idea is that everything grows upwards towards the sun. Come and see for yourself if there is something in this idea…


Sky Trail

Do you dare to climb the sky trail?

You can now get your bravery and fear of heights tested in our 11-metre-high sky trail. Put on the harness and you are ready to tackle the 25 climbing challenges and take on the 21 metre-long zip wire.

You will be buckled into a full-body harness and instructed by one of our lovely guides before being sent on a fairy tale adventure where you can walk the plank and cross a suspension bridge.


VR: Minecraft

Build virtual worlds

Step into the famous computer game and be a part of the virtual world. Play against each other and see who can create and build the most.


VR: Up on the Blue Cube

A beautiful view

Come into the virtual world, where you have the fantastic opportunity to stand on the top of our Blue Cube and enjoy the surroundings.


VR: Google Tilt Brush

Let your fantasy run wild

Demonstrate your artistic talents with our Google Tilt Brush. Can you draw a butterfly, a dragon or maybe something completely different?

 Design and draw in 3D where only fantasy sets the limits.


VR: Vesper Peak

Right at the top

Walk round the summit of the Vesper Peak mountain in Washington and enjoy the sight of a snow-covered mountain top. Throw the stick for the little dog and see if she will retrieve it.


VR: Out of body

Look at yourself

See yourself being exposed to sensory input which is invisible in the real world but visible in the virtual one.



Archimedes Screw

Lift the water alone or together with others

Tense your muscles, turn the large wheel and see if you can pump the water up with the large screw.

The Archimedes screw was invented approximately 2200 years ago by the Greek mathematician Archimedes and is still used in many places across the globe.

Now it’s your turn – take on this task as a team of two, three or four.



Soap bubbles where only fantasy sets the limits

Want to master the art of soap bubbles and see how large you can make them? 

In the bubble lab you can experiment with the world of soap bubbles, put Mum or Dad in a giant bubble and make bubbles of all sorts of shapes with the help of the many different moulds.


The laser field

Under, over and around the beams?

How quickly can you get through the laser obstacle course in Explorama? As a super thief, you must dodge the laser beams that detect your presence – remember that you are being timed!




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