For hele familien


Where the Danfoss industry fairy tale began

The Danfoss Museum tells the story of the Danfoss industry fairy tale and the founder of Danfoss Mads Clausen. The exhibition shows the Clausen family from the start of the business to the present day. 

Step back in time and see the old rooms and the Danfoss founder’s first office. In general the exhibition shows the results of the innovation that Mads Clausen is known for.



The Chinese garden

Enjoy the peace in the beautiful garden

Welcome to our new Chinese garden, inspired by Bitten Clausen’s own garden. Walk up to the beautiful pavilion, sit in the curved furniture and enjoy being with your family. You will even find an authentic champagne basket that was owned by Bitten herself.


Dahlia park

The biggest dahlia garden in the north

Come into the beautiful and colourful flower universe. We bring you the biggest dahlia garden in the north. Bring the tempo down and relax with your picnic or take a walk and enjoy the park’s beautiful and special flowers. 



Which contains the most energy – a litre of oil or a strong cold front?

The answers can be found in the EnergyLab activities at Universe – but it will take both brain and brawn to find them.



A fantastic sight

Real geysers are found in very few places in the world, but you get to see one when you look right down into the heart of the Blue Cube: an artificial geyser that shoots its jet of water 18 metres up into the air – just like in Iceland’s mysterious wilderness.


Lift A Car

Who can lift a car?

You can! Does that sound crazy? It is. But with the Universe’s giant “Lift a Car” hoist it is possible.

This is because of the principle of levers! Take a rope and lift a car. Pull the rope, climb up or call for help. Your weight is very important for your success as a car lifter. If you can’t lift the car you will need to change your position or get help from your friends or parents. Keep trying. Suddenly the car moves – with nothing more than your strength!



Mirror neurones

Do you mirror yourself on other people?

Have you ever realised that our brain mirrors other people’s movements like we made them ourselves? This gives us an understanding of other people’s behaviour and ideas.

How do you react when a cyclist falls off his bike or others laugh?




Beware of the cold...

The temperature drops and the walls become ice when you go through the ice tunnel and into the glacier that bangs and shakes like a drifting ice sheet.

Put your hands on the wall – but be careful: it is as cold as ice!

Learn about glaciers
Read more about glaciers here >

Chain pump

Pump water like a sailor

The chain pump is a very simple pump. Until 1900 it was used to bail out water from wooden ships when the water level inside the hull became too high.

Pull and you will see. The pump is driven by a chain – and the chain is driven!



Bitten’s garden

Taste, smell and pick your own

From the second you pass through the rose trellis archway, you feel the very special atmosphere which dominates this lush world of flowers, trees, herbs and berries. Taste, smell and pick from the trees. In Bitten’s garden, we take you back in time 100 years where people cultivated flower gardens in a very different way to today. You can take seeds from the plants home with you and pick the fruit from the apple and cherry trees from Als.



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