For hele familien

Roberts Geburtstag

Er lebe hoch, hoch, hoch!

Heute hat Robert Roboter Geburtstag und das wollen wir kräftig feiern.

Wir beginnen den Tag mit Geburtstagsliedern für Robert und Hüpfburg, Bungee-Jumping für Kinder. Waterballs am Eingang und den ganzen Tag lang Gratispopcorn für die ganze Familie sorgen mit Sicherheit für viel Spaß!

Kommt also alle vorbei, wenn wir dem süßesten aller Roboter zum Geburtstag gratulieren.



Robert’s birthday

Hip hip hooray

Today is Robert Robot’s birthday and we are going to celebrate.

We will start the day by singing birthday songs for Robert plus there will be bouncy castles, a kids’ bungee jump, water balls at the entrance and free popcorn for the family all day.

So come and be part of saying happy birthday to the cutest robot we know.


Coding Pirates Final

Cool workshops and robot camps

Coding Pirates will once again visit the park this year. On the Friday, we will have a workshop where you can learn to programme your robot. On the Saturday, we will clear the Blue Cube to hold the final of the Universe and Coding Pirate’s robot competition where the competitors must show their strengths in the classic robot disciplines of sumo wrestling and labyrinths.

Friday 12 May

11:00 to 16:00 Calibration of the sumo wrestling robots


Sensory experience and planting day

Inspired by the garden

Bring along some old shoes and plant flowers in them with our lovely gardeners.

Hang up the shoes and let the gardener look after the flowers over the summer. The shoes will be labelled with your name and the date so you can come back and see your flowers grow.


Cars Weekend

Meet McQueen and the other characters from Cars

We are inviting all car-loving children and adults to a fun autumn event with roaring engines and exciting races.

There will be plenty of excitement when the famous Cars characters Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Sally Carrera visit Universe. On the guest list for Saturday is also the Danish Electric Car Association who will entertain the public with the exciting science behind the electric car. On both days we have competitions on the electric car course at various times.



Across the border

Across the border

We have visits from representatives of eight other parks who will bring along quirky and exciting things to show you and let you try.

Come and get a taster of what other parks have to offer. 


Family race

Race for the whole family

Together with the Children's Accident Prevention Fund we invite you to a family race where you can run 1 km, collect letters and get a finisher’s medal to take home with you. 

Maximum 200 participants. Sign up on the børneulykkefondens (Children's Accident Prevention Fund) website


Programme from 11:00 – 15:00

11:00 – 15:00 Teddy bear hospital will take in ill bears and dolls


Nature day

Learn about gardening, agriculture etc.

On Nature Day you can experience a host of nature-related events for the whole family.

We will be visited by an array of experts who will tell us about their areas of interest. You will have lots of opportunity to taste nature’s products (e.g. fresh honey and home-made schnapps) and learn about gardening, agriculture, racing pigeons, arrow flights and much more.

The gardeners will put on a flower arranging workshop with dahlias.

We will also be visited by ULLU the owl and the scouts.


Dahlia day

Collect flowers for your own garden

We will once again share from our large collection of dahlias.

For one day only, you can fill a bag with the beautiful flowers for your own garden. But be quick: the flowers are in great demand.


The universe at Universe

Learn about the universe

We go on a trip in our exciting solar system and enjoy a visit from Lars Petersen from the Orion Planetarium in Jels who shares some fascinating facts about the universe.

Several workshops will be held throughout the day with a focus on stars and planets.



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